Should I walk you home?

For me, the period in which the film was created was mainly dominated by experimenting  with both a new medium and a new method. 

By means of photogrammetry and 3d animation, I let physical sculptures, but also a part of Arnhem, play the leading role in a virtual Reality film.

I have been inspired by feminist geographic logic, which describes how the fear of a "predator" moves to dark streets, deserted bus stops and narrow alleys. 

With my fascination for inexplicable physical sensations I create a narrative that reveals itself in different ways:

Life in the base of the lamppost that you encounter along the way

An indefinable dog-like creature

A clenched clay hand drumming towards you

Since it was not possible to physically visit an exhibition, I gave you the opportunity to visit my work virtually from home. From Friday April 23 to Sunday May 2, 2021 I travelled with “Should I walk you home?” a virtual reality 3d animation film through Arnhem.