Jessica Tiemessen (1994) creates installation performances, drawings, virtual reality films and 3d printed and ceramic sculptures. In her multidisciplinary practice she deals with the inexplicable and uncontrollable that we experience physically. By using Virtual Reality in her work, she not only tries to make the audience watch, but also challenges them to physically surrender to her designed experiences. Those experiences can take the form of a radiator being squashed by an intruder, or a journey in which the fear of a predator reveals itself slowly but drummingly.

Through performance installations, Jessica questions the assumptions about the control we have over our bodies. She investigates in her drawings and sculptures different scenarios of a world in which a shifting body experience could be a new sense: a new way of experiencing the other.
For example, after temporarily feeling a radiator, could you take the effects of that object into your own body? Would you now be aware of the blood flowing through your veins, or the temperature differences in the body?